· We pride ourselves with our high standard of quality of the items that we bend. Our 1200 ton x 7.5 meter long press was commissioned in September 2007 and is one of the biggest press brakes in South Africa.

· We have a full range of tooling that includes radius tooling that will meet most of the requirements in all industries. We are well qualified in bending the following materials:

    • All grades of quench and tempered materials-400HB, 500HB, Roqtuff, Weldox 700;

    • Armour plate;

    • The softer carbon steels-300WA, 50B, Boiler (GR70, 430A etc)

    • Stainless Steel (All grades)


· Our specialty is the development and bending of Cones, Square to Rounds, rolling of lobster backs and forming of most structural chute type work.